Basics of Acquiring a U.S Visa

If you want to travel to the U.S, then you need to have a visa which will give you the authority to access airport to the U.S. Even with the added security measures dues to terrorist attacks, visa application method has always remained to be the same.

A foreigner who would like to attain U.S visa is required to do interviews, send in forms and also cross-check data with the inter-agency database. Visas may take some weeks to, but sometimes it may take longer depending on the volume of applications. Here, we have listed steps that will guide you on how you can acquire your visa.

Submit Your Application

us flagIn visa application, you will be required to produce your passport and also any other supporting detail. The person to receive all these documents will be either the officials in Washington D.C or the consular officer. So it’s essential that you get all necessary documents ready.



Prepare Your Documentation

For you process your visa to the U.S, you must have materials like passport, correct applications, documents about your employment, the reason for travel and financial status lastly you must proof of fee payment

Book Appointment with U.S Embassy

You should do this the moment you are sure that you are traveling to the U.S. Make sure you confirm with the consulate, however you should book an appointment over the internet, by telephone, in person or by mail. Prepare yourself in case of any long wait periods even after making an appointment.

Additional Reviews May be Required

Due to security reasons, your details are checked upon security database. In case of any variation about your name brings a sense of security concern, then your visa acquiring may be delayed for like a month or more. With these, additional reviews like fingerprints, more interviews, and added information may be required.

Additional Steps upon Arrival at the Airport

Typically this is the U.S airport where you will land. Before you depart or landing the plane, you will be required to fill an arrival form. The moment you fall, follow the ways for a non-citizen entrance that contains quick interview and paperwork verification. The customs officials will inspect your luggage.

Extending Your Stay

People who visit the United States would like to extend their visa life due to different situations, as long as you apply to extend form on time. You are supposed to apply for extension form during forty-five days of the non-migrant expiry date of your visa.